Lorraine-2014_300A native of Virginia, I met my husband, Brian, at the University of Virginia.  He was captain of the football team; I was the cheerleading engineering student.  In over 30 years of marriage, we have moved all over the United States, initially with his football career and later with a job at Andersen Windows.  We settled in Fayette County in 1998.  My greatest accomplishment is my daughter.  I volunteered full time with her musical theater endeavors throughout high school.  When she went off to college, I found a home here in the front office at the Fayette Law Group.  She recently graduated from law school herself and is practicing in Washington, DC.  In 2014 we became the guardian of my cousin, Edith, who lives here in Georgia and has special needs.  Our family attends Griffin First Assembly where we led the Bible Quiz program for many years.