HIF_2904_455302Elder Law

The following information regarding the elder client or clients (if a couple) should be brought to your consultation with our Elder Law Attorney, Victoria J. Farrell, whether you are discussing Nursing Home Medicaid, Veteran’s Pension Benefits, Guardianships and/or Conservatorships or Incapacity Planning:

  1. Name, address, date of birth and medical condition
  2. Asset and income information
  3. Warranty Deeds and property tax statements for any real property owned
  4. Information regarding the Veteran (dates of military service; date of marriage/death; location of separation papers such as a DD-214)
  5. Family information (names, ages and addresses of children, siblings, and spouse)
  6. Copies of existing documents (Will, Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive and Trusts)

When calling to make an appointment for an Elder Law Consultation, we will talk with you to obtain basic information about the elder client(s) and  either mail or email a Questionnaire to you for completion prior to your appointment.