Probate is the process in which the state of Georgia provides a forum for creditors of the deceased and a method to transfer property out of the name of the deceased to designated beneficiaries or heirs at law. The probate process assures that the Will offered for probate is truly the Last Will and Testament of the deceased.  Our Goal is to help you help you comply with the Georgia probate requirements. In order to do this, we will need information that pertains to the deceased person’s:  1) assets, 2) liabilities, 3) last domicile, 4) the names and addresses of his or her heirs and 5) a copy of the Last Will and Testament.

  1. Assets: In order to accomplish the probate process, please bring evidence of the deceased person’s assets. This will include copies of bank statements, brokerage statements, statements of certificates of deposits and money markets, and information on how businesses are owned. Also we will need to see a copy of all warranty deeds, or other evidence of title on real estate owned by the decedent. You should also bring any life insurance policies of which you are aware.
  2. Liabilities: We will need to know to whom the deceased is indebted and approximately how much.
  3. Heirs: We will need to know the names and addresses of all heirs, which include the decedent’s spouse, all children of the decedent, and the grandchildren if a child is deceased.
  4. Last Will and Testament: We will need to review the original Last Will and Testament to determine necessary documents to prepare and the manner in which property is to be transferred to the named beneficiary.

Remember, Probate is a process. If you don’t have all of this information by the time of the appointment, we will describe what you need to obtain and we will assist you if you are having a difficult time retrieving all the necessary information.

We will discuss in our first appointment our fee arrangement. Usually within the first two appointments, we can estimate the attorney’s fees that will be required to complete the process.  Within those first two appointments we will require that a retainer be paid. In the probate process, you will be charged for the initial appointment as you will be receiving vital information beginning with that first appointment.

Most importantly, no question is an unnecessary question. Our job is to answer questions and hopefully make the probate process work as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We look forward to meeting with you and will diligently try to serve you as we would want to be served.